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The best way to make initial contact with us is by email!


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Snail Mail

Bev Carter

Please contact us for complete mailing address.

We are located in Eastern Canada



(Please see note below about emailing us)

*  A note about emailing us *

We normally do not reply to inquiries from anonymous addresses (e.g., hotmail, yahoo, gmail) or from people who do not identify themselves.

If you would like a response to your inquiry, please write to us from the address assigned to you by your ISP and identify yourself in your email.

You know who we are, and we would like to know who you are and where you are from!

Also please use the following  subject line "puppy inquiry from [ insert your own country ]" (we sort our files by Country).

With all the viruses and spam being sent around these days, when it comes to emails from addresses we don't recognize,

we routinely delete, without opening, emails that have no subject line or have subjects such as "hello" or "hi", or other non-specific subject lines.

So, if you don't want your email deleted with the SPAM, use "puppy inquiry from [your country]" in your subject line.


Please read our Sales Policy before inquiring about one of our dogs.

Our Sales Policy outlines important components of our sales contract.

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