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Please read our Sales Policy before inquiring about one of our dogs.

Our Sales Policy outlines important components of our sales contract.



New Litters

What we breed is generally what we show.

These puppies are not necessarily available, we are just sharing news and pictures with you!


• Some cute puppy photos •

6 week old Tabitha/Marshall puppy ~ a little boy!

8 week old Matilda/Damien puppies ~ black boy, orange girl

6 week old Rumor/Walker black boy

6 week old Rumor/Walker orange boy



Interested in One of Our Dogs?

Please note that we are not big breeders, so we don't usually have a lot of puppies available each year. That means you may need to be patient :-)

After we meet our own needs, available puppies are pretty much on a "first come, first served" basis these days. Deposits are required to hold a puppy for you.

If you really want a puppy from us, its best to stay in touch from time to time . . . you know what they say, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease" :-)

If you write us once and then we never hear back from you, its very unlikely you will get one of our puppies!



What we breed is generally what we show.


I have retired from breeding

Thank you to all those wonderful people who have bought Damascusroad puppies over the years!

I have been honoured by your friendship, and delighted with how well my dogs have done!

God bless! And stay in touch from time to time.



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